We are a group based in Pelion, Greece. We have formed a society ‘The Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion’ A Kalderimi is a cobbled mule path. They were constructed hundreds of years ago linking villages to one another. With the advance of mechanised transport many of these kalderimies have fallen into disuse and disappeared under a forest of vegetation.

Our groups aims to promote and engage in the reopening and use of these paths. So far we have established a network of about 80km of signed walking routes. Some of these are on kalderimi, and others on earth roads or simple footpaths.

We organise group walks, encourage membership to our society, fundraise and work parties.

You are welcome to get involved.


24 Responses to About

  1. Peter A Verity (Edinburgh) says:

    PS -is someone going to give me the bird?
    July 3rd, on the homatodromos above the railway – thought I saw a golden eagle circling above Milies (white wrist patches, upcurved wingtips). Unlikely – but not impossible? Has anyone else seen such a thing, recently or in the past?
    Pav, Edinburgh

  2. Peter A Verity (Edinburgh) says:

    Wish I was back In Pelion…
    Midsummers day was grey & torrential – floods in NW England – a month’s rain in one day; Greek heat seems like a forgotten dream…
    Pav, Edinburgh (in me winter woolies!)

  3. Susan Hill-Brookes says:

    meant to say looking forward to a walk week ommencing 16 july sue h b

    • Sue Wake says:

      Hi Su – we’re looking forward to seeing you – on the 19th July Christian and I are leading the first of our circular sunset walk from Lafkos! More news soon by email.

  4. Susan Hill-Brookes says:

    hi Sue (Wake) it is me Su (or now Sue) hope to do a week from16 July !! luv and kisses suex

  5. Peter A Verity (Edinburgh) says:

    I had hoped to get in touch with you when I was leading a Ramblers Worldwide Holiday in Pelion in late May, but I was just too busy & run off my feet. The group (12 people in total) were asking “who clears, strims & waymarks these paths?” and I realised fairly quickly that the answer would be ” ‘The Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion’”

    On behalf of the group & myself, thank you very much for the good work you are doing keeping these kalderimia open!

    Yours, “Pav” Verity (Edinburgh)

  6. Sue Wake says:

    Fine, Peter – we look forward to meeting you and your group!

  7. Peter A Verity (Edinburgh) says:

    Dear Sue Wake

    Thanks for your reply about a trip in May; I will try to get in touch nearer the day.


  8. Sue Wake says:

    Hello Peter – good to hear from you. You can see our map from the home page (last button on right) but I am not sure if it can be enlarged – I think it can be printed. We also have a Facebook page (Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion). With regard to music I am not sure ….. a little early in the season perhaps. Why don’t you call nearer the time on +302423065144 or skype: suewake. We look forward to meeting you in May.

  9. Peter A Verity (Edinburgh) says:

    (CURSES – your blasted website wiped my first e-mail!!)
    Start again…
    I appreciate kalderimia (I have got lost – & found – on lots of them!)
    I will be in Kala Nera for 7 of the 14 days from 21st May (leading a Ramblers holiday)
    How can I get information & map on which kalderimai are cleared? (I will join for a year if that helps)

    Is there any live music around Kala Nera over that period? (I listen to all the “paradosiaka” I can find!)

  10. rantos marie anick says:

    Hi everybody,
    I live in Trikala and I love the Pelion, and I will be very happy to participate to your walks. Is it possible to join your group on the departure of one walk, and pay the inscription directly on the site ?
    Thank you for your answer and I hope there will be soon a new planned walk.
    marie anick.

  11. Juliet Evans says:

    Hi Catherine and Chris,
    Fantastic photos and great to read about all the work and walks.
    Are you planning any walks or work parties between the 9th and the 17th of April?

  12. john galleas says:

    Hello Chris
    thank you for your company and help on March 13 walk.
    Have a look at the recorded path: http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=998565

  13. Martin and Daisy says:

    We’ve done a few walks with the group. In fact we met on one of them… It has changed our lives!

  14. Ulrike Baur says:

    I ve seen your signs near to my house in Vodin, thank you 🙂

  15. Zandra McGillivray says:

    Great initiative. Such a welcome sight, your little yellow walking signs. And someone has done a great job clearing some of the kalderimi above Kalamos/Lefokastro, although a lot of plastic water bottles and rubbish left lying around, so maybe it wasn’t your lot?! Let us know when we can become members… All the best, Zandra & Alexander

  16. katsinaris giannis says:

    bravo CHRIS

  17. Heather (Milina) says:

    VERY good to see this blog…..congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  18. sivignon michele says:

    How to become a member of your association ?
    Bravo pour le site-blog, une excellente idée et grand merci.
    Comme c’est un groupe international je vous ecris en français mais vous pouvez me repondre en anglais.
    Comment peut-on adherer à votre association ? Y a-t-il une cotisation ? A qui faut-il l’envoyer ?
    Cordialement. Michèle S.

    • Chris Wicks says:

      Hi Michele
      To become a member of the association speak to Sue Wake at Lafkos. She is our treasurer. We hope to get a web site running sometime soon when we can make a system for members to join…

  19. Sue Wake says:

    This is a great iniative. When do the autumn walks start? Should we set up a meeting (over a meal of course) to discuss the routes? This weekend’s forecast is not too good but is Sunday 19th too early – or too late?

  20. Sarah Wicks says:

    Sounds like a good idea…!

  21. Chris Wicks says:

    It seems this is a good way to keep everyone informed about what we are up to, walks, workparties, fundraisers, route wardens etc…

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