Horto Mill Pool

Photo’s of the Mill Pool, in the valley behind Horto. We’ll be looking to incorporate this in a walk shortly. Derek

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About pelionwalks

We are a society who promote the restoration and use of old footpaths in the South Pelion area.
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2 Responses to Horto Mill Pool

  1. pelionwalks says:

    Hi Karen & Martin

    Follow the canal up the valley out of Horto, about 15 minute walk, it’s just above the derelict Watermill.
    Drop us an email next time you plan to come to Horto and we’ll walk up with you.
    Kind Regards


  2. Karen Batchelor says:

    HI there
    PLease can you tell us exactly where this mill pool is located. We have spent several holidays based in Horto in the past and havdn’t come across it.

    Many thanks

    Karen and Martin

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