Metochi Circular and Morning Walk

Metochi Circular 16 July
Despite the high daytime temperatures, the walk was shady and relatively cool, lasting 1.5 hours.
Meeting at the vrisi in Metochi, a group of 12 of us walked up the hill, past the cemetery and onto the track leading to the new development at the edge of the village to admire the view of the Gulf.  Turning back towards the village we went along the kalderimi just below the road and down to the river.  Here you can still see the ‘sinks’ that the ladies used when washing their clothes. From here we walked up the kalderimi to the dirt raod, turning left towards the church.  Those with an engineering mind had a good look at the old horse drawn well adjacent to the church.  Heading back to the village we asked if the group wanted the short or the long cut – all opted for the long cut – including the children.  This took us along the asphalt to ‘Hunters Corner’ where we turned left towards Argalasti (right to Lafkos) and a little further on, left again back to Metochi via the old vrisi, the school and the church to end at Taverna Atropos on the plateia, where a cold beer was most welcome.
24 July
To test if there was a demand to walk in the morning rather than the evening, when the weather is so hot, we arranged to do a short circular walk to the hills outside of Argalasti. With our plan B ready (breakfast back at Al’s place) in case there were no takers we met on the Plateia in Argalasti at 8.30am. And it was Plan A that was put into operation with a group of 13. We walked along the road in the direction of Volos to Deep Green and then turned immediate right onto the track. In many places along this track you can see the original kalderimi. It passes over the river and by the new vineyard before climbing up the hill. There are wonderful views towards Volos, the Gulf and Argalasti as you walk to the top. The track intersects the road to Xinovresi, where we turned right, back towards Argalasti. We turned back into Argalasti to walk to the vrisi, coming into Argalasti behind the schools. All agreed that it had been a very nice walk and we retired to the cafe with the palm tree and enjoyed coffee and tiropitta – very kindly supplied by Theo and Merv!
Given the feedback we had from this first morning walk, we will include more next year.

About pelionwalks

We are a society who promote the restoration and use of old footpaths in the South Pelion area.
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