Summer Walk – Paou Monastery

Monday evening was our second week of Summer Walks in the Argalasti area. We met at the vrisi near Paou Monastery, seven FoK members and thirteen or fourteen guests, some of the youngsters moved too quickly to be counted properly, started the walk,. We were also joined by a small brown dog from the Monastery! Alan, who led the walk, had brought several kilos of his never ending supply of homegrown plums, while Gill offered her juicy pears.  It was a lovely evening for the walk, about 32c when we started uphill towards Argalasti, we soon reached the top and were met by a welcoming cooling breeze. Downhill from there with views of Lafkos the Gulf and Milina and then back to the Monastery vrisi to cool off. Our new small brown hairy friend decided to take a mudbath and followed up by racing around us all before finally collapsing in a heap.
We then continued down through olive groves, we soon joined the Kalderimi, further down many varieties of fruit and vegetables are grown in carefully tended gardens, finally we arrived at Paou beach and enjoyed swimming in the warm water and watched the sun go down, while Alan was defeated by a youngster in the skimming contest.
Thanks to everyone who took part in a very enjoyable walk.Hot smile
Paou Summer Walk
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About pelionwalks

We are a society who promote the restoration and use of old footpaths in the South Pelion area.
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