Distance: 7,1 km
Duration: 2 hours (with return)
Altitude: from 0 m. (Milina beach) to 300 m. (Lafkos square)
Signed with: small round yellow signs
Drinking water on route: yes (Panagia Mesosporitissa church)
Download GPS track:  the route at Wikiloc    the route at Everytrail      This circular walk is one of Pelion mountain`s finest, considering that we walk mostly on kalderimi in a landscape of intense natural beauty. As there are two main kalderimis between Lafkos and Milina, north and south, we propose climbing from the seaside to Lafkos using the latter and returning by the former. This is a walk suited to all people, even those who are not accustomed to hiking, who will be pleased to follow the downhill route at least.

      Starting from the church of Milina on the seaside, we walk on the asphalt road that goes to Lafkos. After 600 m. we see the kalderimi on our left side and follow it. Soon it crosses the asphalt and continues between stone walls (pezoules). There are some stretches of newly built stone path. Reaching the asphalt again, we walk on it for about 300 m. and, after a right turn, we find again the kalderimi on the left side. As we continue uphill, lush vegetation often forms a shady tunnel into which we walk.

     Approaching Lafkos, the kalderimi opens to a concrete road. We turn left and after 100 m., as the road starts going dowhill, we continue uphill to the right on kalderimi (the first few meters of which are concrete), that opens to a stone paved street. We follow it to the left and soon find ourselves at Lafkos square. Next to the church is the museum of paintings by the important Lafkos-born painter Dimitris Fambas.
      Now is the time to return to Milina. There are a few steps at the main street of Lafkos square. At that point we head downhill, noticing the round yellow signs at the corner. Reaching a concrete road, we turn right. The road soon becomes a wide kalderimi that passes by the Radio museum (worthy of a visit if open) and then we have Paliovrisi fountain on the right, next to a huge plane tree. We cross a stream over a small stone bridge overgrown by vegetation, and then ascend on kalderimi for a little while. After a crossing with an ascending kalderimi to the right, going to Agia Paraskevi church, we walk downhill on road-kalderimi. Soon the earth road turns right, but we continue straight ahead on the kalderimi, seeing lovely views of Pagasitikos gulf on the horizon.

Panagia Mesosporitissa
      Further down, we reach Panagia Mesosporitissa church, also called Monastiraki by locals. Next to the church is a fountain and a few cypresses. This is a good spot for a short break. The kalderimi continues to descend and finally opens to a concrete road, which we follow, having just entered Milina. We cross a stream and then follow its course on its left bank for a while. The road gets covered by asphalt. At a crossing we head right on Ethnikis Antistaseos street, that soon opens to the seafront at the location of a dock. Here we turn left, to get back to our starting point at the church.

Descending to Milina

About pelionwalks

We are a society who promote the restoration and use of old footpaths in the South Pelion area.
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