Distance: 3.7 km
Duration: 1.15΄
Signing: red marks, round yellow signs
Maximum altitude: 255 m (Argalasti square)
Drinking water on route: yes (Agia Triada church)
Download GPS track:   the route at Wikiloc    the route at Everytrail

      This route goes downhill from Argalasti towards Kalamos beach and for most of its length we walk along a beautiful cobbled path (kalderimi). It is an easy walk, ideal for the winter and early spring months. From Kalamos we can continue along the coast if we wish, either to our right (north) towards Lefokastro or left (south) towards the beach and monastery of Paou, and from there return to Argalasti.
        Beginning at the square in Argalasti, from the corner with the pharmacy, we follow the narrow concrete road that goes west, passing in front of the post office. At the end of this road we reach the restored stone building of the old girl’s school on the left hand corner. To the right is the kalderimi that leads to Lefokastro. We continue straight ahead in a westerly direction on a short downhill section of cobbled path that then alternates with sections of earth road.
Amoursas stone bridge
      After a short distance walking downhill, a path joins at an angle from the left. This comes from the church of Agia Paraskevi. The kalderimi continues to descend and a left turn takes us down to a small stream. Lower down we cross a second stream over a small stone bridge (named Amoursas) and further down still, the path comes out at an angle into an earth road. We cross this, continuing on the kalderimi the other side.
View to the sea by Agia Triada church
       At the end of this stretch of kalderimi we reach an earth road. If we turn left, after 100 m. we will reach the picturesque small church of Aghia Triada next to a fountain with refreshing water. But in order to go to Kalamos we must turn right, continuing downhill until we reach the asphalt road to Kalamos just above a left bend. We don’t need to walk on the road but continue on a path on the outside of the bend and turn immediately left. In a few metres we meet a house in front of which the path becomes a kalderimi. However, this immediately comes out onto the asphalt road, which we follow for two hundred metres.
      Watching out for it on the left hand side, we find the kalderimi again and continue to descend. Further down, the kalderimi crosses the asphalt road, continuing for a few metres as a concrete road towards a house on our right. As we continue on down, the kalderimi becomes a path then a kalderimi again, finally emerging at Kalamos beach, at a point marked with a walker sign on an electricity pole.

About pelionwalks

We are a society who promote the restoration and use of old footpaths in the South Pelion area.
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