What a way to end 2011

What a way to end 2011 !!

The Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion are coming to the end of a year in which
they have opened and signed yet more routes in this unspoilt corner of Greece, situated
between the Aegean Sea and Pagasitikos Gulf.

One of our teams of volunteers, based on Argalasti, have reported on their recent
productive day on some of the kalderimia around Horto and the Paou Monastery.

“The first half of our day was spent on the Horto routes, which were much clearer than
we expected, which was a bonus. However, the true bonus of working on these routes
came a little later when two of the group were approached by a lady who was curious
as to what we were doing. On learning of our group’s activities she was very supportive and told us about a vrisi (source of natural drinking water) that lay a few meters off the kalderimi. So we
just had to investigate. What a beautiful setting; shaded, set into the hillside with the
tinkling of running water. We noticed some men working further along the path and the
landowner also came for a chat and told us he was having this part of the path cleared to gain access to his land. According to the information he gave us the path divided further on and, if opened up, would lead us to neighbouring villages. Being interested in establishing short circular walks for people to enjoy, especially in the summer, we will explore these options later.

After bidding farewell to these people we went to work on the stretch of the route leading
from the road below the monastery at Paou to the beach. What a beautiful path – very
overgrown, but totally gorgeous, wending its way through olive groves and orchards down to the
beach. We succeeded in clearing it, although the engineers amongst us did feel it could
be further improved with some minor drainage works around the vrisi near to the beach.

As we approached the beach, the sun was shining and we could hear music playing
and the sound of the sea lapping the shore. It was very much one of those moments
when you just knew you had made the right decision to come to this part of Greece and
volunteer to help open and maintain the kalderimia. Perfection. “

In 2012 we plan to open the kalderimia between Argalasti and Horto and also the one
between Xinovresi and Siki. These community efforts and other walks are now on
Facebook, with a separate blog on http://www.pelionwalks.wordpress.com. Why not check us out!


About pelionwalks

We are a society who promote the restoration and use of old footpaths in the South Pelion area.
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