Kala Nera – Milies Station – Kala Nera Walk Sunday September 11th.



It was a group of around 30 adults and children from Greece, England,  Germany, Austria and the Netherlands that started out on the walk from Kala Nera to Milies. Almost all the way uphill is over a well kept kalderimi with a shady spot every now and then where we could take a rest. On the way down  walking on the railway track, there were beautiful views along the coast.  Kyriakos showed us a small church off the track. Unfortunately it was  closed, but the path up was spectacular.  Back in Kala Nera we cooled off in the sea and enjoyed a good meze lunch at the Medousa taverna.  This walk is the first one we put together for our website and it is one of our favourites. We very much enjoyed showing it to you. We are very happy to  be part of the Friends of the Kalderimia and enjoy the enthusiasm with  which everyone is taking part in our joined effort. We look forward to  seeing you next time and to sharing other walks with you.  Caroline and Ruud


About pelionwalks

We are a society who promote the restoration and use of old footpaths in the South Pelion area.
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One Response to Kala Nera – Milies Station – Kala Nera Walk Sunday September 11th.

  1. Andy Wicks says:

    This one looks great, would love to check out the train over the bridge and cliff side walking. I never realized Pelion walking could be an extreme sport, looks pretty hairy at some points.

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