Kala Nera Circular Walk. Sunday September 11th

 Subject: Walk 11 September
> The walk on Sunday 11/09/11 is being lead by Ruud and Caroline who also have
> published walks on http://www.pilionwalks.com . The walk we will be doing is
> published on their web site.
> For the walk on September 11 we would like to propose our number 1 walk Kala
> Nera – Milies- Kala Nera. Uphill we will mainly walk over kalderimia,
> downhill partly over the railway track which gives a nice leisurely descent.
> We’ll pass the railway station of Milies and cross a few streams with large
> trees. There are some nice views along the coast.
> If we skip the part into Milies itself the walk bridges a height of 350
> metres and it will take us about 2,5 to 3 hours (actual walking time). At
> the starting point there is space to park cars.
> We have arranged a meze-lunch at taverna Medousa in Kala Nera. This taverna
> has been especially recommended to us for its mezedakia. We promised the
> owner Charis we would call him on Friday to let him know how many people
> will approximately be there for lunch. Please reply before Friday to book for lunch us.

Text Caroline & Ruud on 0031621954566 or reply to this email.
> If we start the walk at 10 am, we could be back at about one. We will then
> also have finished the walk uphill before it gets hot. There is a tv at the
> taverna for formula 1 fanatics.
> Starting point: when you enter Kala Nera from the south, there is a Ka Oil
> tank station at your left hand side. Just after that there is a health
> centre at your left hand side. There are possibilities to leave your car
> there, or across the road where the walk begins.
> We will be there at 1/4 to ten. Bring enough water!
> Anyone who would just like to join the walk at the middle point can be at
> Milies railway station at 11.30am. We will arrive there somewhere just after
> 11.30. You can then join us just for the down hill walk back to Kala Nera
> With kind regards, Caroline and Ruud

About pelionwalks

We are a society who promote the restoration and use of old footpaths in the South Pelion area.
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2 Responses to Kala Nera Circular Walk. Sunday September 11th

  1. Mustafa Ch says:

    Well I really appreciate all these healthy activities and steps taken by you guys in mobilizing people at one platform and awaring them regarding the essance and positive effects of these events on our life.Please keep it up guys and I wish to join you next time,thanks to all participants.

  2. Sissy Kalas says:

    i thank you so much for todays great experience of the long walk we had !!!! i had the greatest time and you are really a fantastic group of people…definately we will repeat the lovely action….thank you…kisses from sissy!!!

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