Kissos to Mouresi walk. Sunday June 19th 2011

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Thanks to Patrick for leading this 2 hour walk, slightly longer due to a tricky crossing of the river. Wellingtons were provided by our hosts from Tsagarada for those wise enough to take advantage of them.
We met at Kissos Plateia and some took the opportunity to visit the church. Well worth the visit, especially if you have someone with you who has knowledge of it. Michelle Sivignon showed us one picture in particular,which had a stark warning for those who stayed in bed on Sunday morning instead of going to church!
The walk was mostly in wooded areas with plenty of shade, down into the river valley, across the bridge then another river crossing , some chose the wellingtons others waded across, while the more nimble picked a path on any stone protruding from the water. Nobody fell in the water, much to the dismay of those armed with cameras!
We then climbed out of the valley, up the steep slopes having picked and feasted on “kerasia” along the way. Other highlights were overtaking 3 Tortoises on the way (it’s rare to overtake anything these days) Mervyn winning a bet with Alan. (last one in the river buys the beers) Mervyns impression of Gollum while in the river and as ever the good nature and conversation of our fellow walkers.
We ended with lunch at The Lost Unicorn. A great finish to an enjoyable day.
Kind regards,
Derek & Gill


About pelionwalks

We are a society who promote the restoration and use of old footpaths in the South Pelion area.
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