Next walk Saturday October 30th 2010

The next walk is planned for Saturday October 30th 2010.
Ekkehart will lead the walk and has sent the following excellent detail.

We will meet on the Neochori to Tsangarada road (3.5 km from Neochori) at the Milies junction at 9:30am. Drive down the dirt road in the direction of Kala Nera for 2,6kms, park the cars and start the walk at 10am sharp.

Excluding stops, e.g.for inspecting the church of Hagios Nicholaos, it might take a group of more than 12 people about 4 hrs walking steadily…

The path runs +/- horizontally via Hagios Nicholas and crosses the Pavlakia- Miliès path on a dirt road after 50-60 mins.
The path continues +/- horzontally and in 30mins, at the last left turn, hits the main road from Kala Nera to Miliès. Follow this road for 280m and follow a little road to the left for another 100m.
Then take a path on your left down the valley (30 to50 mins).
At the end of this path , to the left, cross a river bed+ valley+ road and end up on a goat path to Stavrodromi/Palatia (40 mins).
From there, we can either take a short cut and then the dirt road (40 mins) to departure point or walk for 60 mins via a chapel on the path from Koropi/Boufa to Pavlakia (highly recommended) back to the cars.
We then drive back to the Delta and from there to Neochori (3,5kms) and take a left on the road to the Plateia (1,5kms) where we have lunch on the beautiful terrace of Germanos’ restaurant.
To shorten this circular walk to less than 4 hrs would be rather impossible.


Hope to see you there.

Derek & Gill


About pelionwalks

We are a society who promote the restoration and use of old footpaths in the South Pelion area.
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