Randi to Katigiorgios Sunday September 19th 2010

The first end of summer walk was very well attended with 30+ walkers (that mostly describes the age group as well as the number walking) making their way from Randi to Katigiorgios.
We started at Randi Towers and made our way past a construction site where an extension to Randi Towers is in progress.
Continuing downhill into the valley we soon came to the road, crossed, and started climbing.
The weather was “steamy” and it wasn’t long before shirts took on a two tone effect. This might have been an opportune time to conduct a survey on the effectiveness of deodorant, however as I hadn’t brought a pen and paper, let alone my laptop to compile the information, I thought better of it.
The route is undulating, quite a lot in the shade of trees, some very pretty areas throughout the walk through wooded areas where cyclamen were making an appearance in places.
The walk was not without incident as first Heather was forced to retire, fortunately Ann arrived precisely at this moment in the “back up” vehicle to whisk her off to the taverna!
Shortly after Marge suffered a fall and was speedily treated by the East Anglian division of the Kalderimi Accident and Emergency team.
We were now rapidly approaching a bay to the south of Katigiorgios. Shock! Horror! The path had been bulldozed!
Katigiorgios bypass? Who knows? The Kalderimi police will investigate!
We then continued on the coastal path, a lovely part of the walk, overlooking the Aegean.
Stamoulis taverna was minutes away now and the prospect of a cold beer and a quick dip in the sea, caused the pace to increase.
We enjoyed a very fine meze at a very reasonable price to round off the day.

The route is well marked, though the walker has to remain alert at junctions to spot the imaginatively placed signs.
Having spent a day with Chris and Kathryn placing signs on another route, Gill and I appreciate the difficulties encountered in marking routes. Anyone willing to mark routes should contact Chris.

Many thanks to all of those taking part for making it a very enjoyable day.
Thanks to Chris and Kathryn for leading the walk.


About pelionwalks

We are a society who promote the restoration and use of old footpaths in the South Pelion area.
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One Response to Randi to Katigiorgios Sunday September 19th 2010

  1. Chris Wicks says:

    Hi, The first walk was a lot of fun as was the second, Horto – Metochi – Horto – Milina.
    And next week Tsagarada. Is it time to tell every one about this blog?. I don’t think it really works for me to try and administer it as the old dial modem up is just too slow…. But this seems a good forum and worth keeping going.

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